Our latest apprentice Nicole

In June 2015, we appointed our first apprentice from Kirklees College, Nicole Jowett. After recently passing her apprenticeship in Business and Administration (Level 2) with flying colours, here Nicole discusses what life has been like in her first year at Faith HQ.

Q. Why did you choose an apprenticeship over university?
A. I liked the idea of learning and gaining a qualification whilst gaining experience and a wage.

Q. What did you expect to get out of your apprenticeship?
A. I wasn’t really sure what to expect before starting my apprenticeship. I knew that it would help me to gain experience in a professional environment. I was also expecting the apprenticeship to help me improve certain skills such as my organisational and telephone skills.

Q. Have your expectations been met?
A. Yes, I think it has exceeded my expectations, I’ve learnt a lot both at college and work which I will be able to use in the future. I’ve also learnt things at Faith outside of studying for my apprenticeship which will be beneficial.

Q. What have you learnt over the past year?
A. I’ve learnt how to organise my day better so that my work is completed on time. I found this to be the hardest part of my apprenticeship as I had college work to do as well as work for Faith but I successfully balanced it to come out with a qualification and some of the top marks in my year! I’ve also improved my telephone skills and now find it much easier to talk to someone over the phone than I used to. I’ve also learnt how to prioritise work to ensure that the most important tasks are put to the top of the list.

Q. How does your understanding of the PR industry differ now to when you first started?
A. I have a much better understanding of the PR industry now compared to when I started. I don’t think I ever really fully understood how PR actually worked and how much hard work is put into it – PR isn’t about just putting together a press release and hoping it gets picked up by your selected media!

Q. Would you recommend an apprenticeship to anyone else and why?
A. I would definitely recommend an apprenticeship to anyone that would like a full-time job but is still interested in learning. The experience has been very beneficial and has helped me transition from full-time education to a job.