The Strategic Mailing Partnership (SMP)

The Strategic Mailing Partnership (SMP) is a joint initiative between Royal Mail and the UK’s mailing house industry to represent and protect the interests of Mailing Houses across the UK.


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Membership satisfaction with communications


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The Brief

The Strategic Mailing Partnership (SMP) is an industry body which represents the interests of the UK’s Mailing Houses. In 2016, the SMP relaunched as ‘The Strategic Mailing Partnership: The Mailmakers’ as a result of a change in sponsorship from Royal Mail Retail to Wholesale. The organisation, which represents 150 mailing houses across the UK, briefed us to increase awareness and celebrate the relaunch with a new brand design, but also to revitalise its member communications and support the recruitment of new memberships.


The need for clear, concise and consistent communication was the cornerstone of the campaign activity. We achieved this by refreshing the SMP’s member communications, giving a brand-new look to the newsletter and a new name, Mail Together. A quarterly schedule was put in place with contributions from a variety of sources to ensure members were receiving valuable, informative and timely content. To communicate the relaunch to members effectively, we designed and posted out a reactivation mail pack, which was posted to all current mailing house members with information on the relaunch and the option to claim a members’ certificate, which would enable us to measure the success of the pack.

A second mail pack was created to recruit for prospective memberships. We used the data and engagement generated from the mail packs to revitalise member communications across the board. We instigated regular email marketing activity to supplement the printed newsletters and launched a hard-working media relations campaign. To raise the profile of the refreshed brand, we targeted print-based media, arranging exclusive interviews with the SMP Chair, Judith Donovan CBE. Ongoing media relations focusses on positioning the SMP as an industry expert, offering proactive and reactive comments to industry developments quickly and effectively using Judith as a spokesperson. In 2017 we also supported SMP in launching their first ever website and continue to provide regular news updates to help supply a consistent stream of up-to-date news for members..



The relaunch achieved significant amounts coverage across target industry media. We achieved a lot of engagement from the industry’s flagship title, PrintWeek, as well as further marketing outlets. The SMP has been firmly established as a ‘go to’ organisation for comment within the industry, with regular monthly coverage in target media and 100% message delivery across all secured coverage. The first recruitment media pack for the relaunch achieved a 25% response rate that increased the total amount of membership. Email communications also perform above the average industry open rate, with 27%. Feedback from members has also been positive, with the most recent satisfaction survey stating that the frequency of communications was just right (89%) and that communications were the most important benefit of the membership, with 62% agreeing.